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When we first started our paving business in 1998, we had no idea that our customer base would eventually ask about roofing services. That’s exactly what happened. Now, we’re proud to say that we are one of the most trusted roofing companies in the area. We’ve built a reputation for quality workmanship and customer service that is second to none.

We believe in quality training and operation for every employee of our staff. It’s no secret that roofing jobs are some of the most challenging ones you can find. That’s why we only employ roofers who have been rigorously trained and tested. Every one of our roofers has industry experience. You deserve the best roofing services for your residential home or commercial property.

Your Complete Roofing Solution

Shamrock Roofing Co. is a complete roofing company that helps residents and commercial building owners with all phases of their roofing needs. From simple repairs to brand-new roof installation, Shamrock has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

No matter what type of roof you have, Shamrock can help you keep it in top condition. We offer a wide range of services, including shingle repair and replacement, gutter cleaning and repair, maintenance, and much more. If you need help determining what type of roof you need or how to maintain it properly, Shamrock’s team of experts can help. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs and budget.

As a homeowner, you know that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you from the elements and keeps your family safe and dry. Did you know that your roof also needs regular maintenance and repair?

That’s where our roofing services come in. We offer various services to help keep your roof in top condition, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We also offer a personalized consultation to help you determine what services your roof needs.

For our commercial property owners, It can be difficult to stay on track with your roofing needs, but we can do a few things to make it easier. First, we’re the contractors you can trust who can help you keep an eye on your roof and identify potential problems early. Second, we create a schedule for inspecting and maintaining your roof so you can catch small issues before they become big ones. Finally, we’ll help you stay up to date on the latest roofing technology and trends so you can make informed decisions about repairs and replacements.

Get Help From A Preferred Roofing Contractor

If you need a roof repair or replacement, Shamrock Roofing Co. is the place to get in touch with. We offer financing solutions to make your roof repairs or replacement more affordable. Give us a call today to get started on your roofing project!

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If you're looking for a roofing company with a solid reputation, look no further than Shamrock Roofing.


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We couldn't be happier with the quality of the product, installation and service we received from Shamrock. There were very few issues during the entire project and those were resolved immediately. We were among the first in our area to have our roof completed. Thanks for a great job.

- Bob & Linda

These young men showed up at my door, cold call, about three months post-Ian. They presented their product (in my case standing seam metal) and provided a truly competitive quote. So much so that a friend staying at my house at the time also signed a contract that evening. We were not disappointed. Done on time, met the quote and our roofs passed all inspections the first time. Very respectful of our properties and responsive to questions and concerns.

- Barbara

We work in partnership with Shamrock roofing to take the best care of our customers. My experience is that Shamrock will communicate thoroughly throughout the Roofing process to ensure that the customer is at ease, and is being taken care of! The customers I have referred to him are ecstatic with the quality and communication this company offers. I highly recommend them.

- Michelle

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