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Experience the Benefits of Quality Siding from Shamrock Roofing Co

If you need a siding contractor, look no further than Shamrock Roofing Co. In addition to professional roofing services, we are also a siding expert. You can add style and protection your home needs to combat the season changes with the help of Shamrock Roofing Co.. With years of experience, you can be sure all aspects of your home’s exterior have maximal protection.

Siding Installation

Our team knows the correct process for installing siding on your home or building. We provide a wide range of siding to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your home. There are factors that you should take into consideration that we can help with when picking siding for your home. Some of these include:

  • Materials: Siding typically comprises wood, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. We offer a variety of siding materials to choose from that we can install properly on your home.
  • Style: The available siding styles have come a long way in the last five to ten years. There are various unique designs you can choose from. Some examples include horizontal/vertical panels, traditional or dutch laps, beaded, shakes, and scallops. No matter which one you’re interested in, we’ll be able to help you find the perfect style for your home.
  • Colors: One of the best things about siding is that you can get it in whatever color you want. We can recommend a few different options if you need to figure out what color scheme would work best with the rest of your home. We can even show you samples of the siding before we install it so that you can choose your favorite.
  • Contractor: It’s imperative to choose a company with experience installing siding. If you choose a company that has a limited amount of experience, there’s a chance that the job will not be done well.
  • Time of year: If you wait too long to replace your siding, there’s a chance that the weather will be too cold for us to work. This can make it difficult for us to get to your home. We would rather not risk damaging your home by installing siding in the dead of winter.

In addition to our siding being beautiful and durable, it’s also easy to care for. This means that you can save money on upkeep.

Siding Replacement and Repair

The average lifespan of a siding system usually measures up to about 20 years. However, it’s possible for your siding to last even longer if you care for it well. Even with proper maintenance, a repair or replacement is sometimes necessary. Some signs of siding damage include cracking, warps, and peeling. When you notice these signs, contact us immediately so we can schedule an appointment to look at your siding. We will then provide you with an estimate for the replacement or repair cost.

Shamrock Roofing Co. Is Your Trusted Siding Expert

Shamrock Roofing Co. is your best choice for a siding contractor. We are professionals in the field and would love to help you with your next home improvement project. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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We couldn't be happier with the quality of the product, installation and service we received from Shamrock. There were very few issues during the entire project and those were resolved immediately. We were among the first in our area to have our roof completed. Thanks for a great job.

- Bob & Linda

These young men showed up at my door, cold call, about three months post-Ian. They presented their product (in my case standing seam metal) and provided a truly competitive quote. So much so that a friend staying at my house at the time also signed a contract that evening. We were not disappointed. Done on time, met the quote and our roofs passed all inspections the first time. Very respectful of our properties and responsive to questions and concerns.

- Barbara

We work in partnership with Shamrock roofing to take the best care of our customers. My experience is that Shamrock will communicate thoroughly throughout the Roofing process to ensure that the customer is at ease, and is being taken care of! The customers I have referred to him are ecstatic with the quality and communication this company offers. I highly recommend them.

- Michelle

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